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Our history of product creation is also the history of technology.
At Sato Foods Industries, we have used our proprietary technologies to open up whole new worlds of food. They include powdered alcohol technology, which was believed to be theoretically impossible, and techniques for making green tea extract, which posed a formidable technological challenge.
Our fundamental policy : " We will continue to challenge new frontiers through the strength of our proprietary technologies."
We are continually creating unique products,always seeking out new possibilities, with the aim of enhancing tomorrows culinary culture. A whole new world of food starts here.
Sato Foods Industries established as a limited-liability company and launched production and sales of new type of clear soy sauce.
1962 Reorganized as Sato Foods Industries Co.,Ltd.
1964 No.1 spray drier installed. Research started on powdered flavorings.
1966 Mie Factory constructed. Production launched of paste-type flavorings.
Successfully produced powdered alcohol.
Applied for patents in major nations worldwide.
1967 Main factory constructed. No.2 spray drier installed.
1969 Alcohol-containing powder and foodstuff applications" received the Encouragement Award from the Director-General of the Japan Patent Office.
Patented "Method for the production of konbu (dried kelp) extract powder" received a Japan. Institute of Invention and Innovation Outstanding Award.
1971 Offered technological assistance to project for production of beef extract in Madagascar.
1972 No.3 spray drier installed.
1977 No.4 spray drier installed.
1978 Method for dehydrating and drying alcohols" received the First Special Award given to Excellent Companies in Implementing Innovation from Aichi Prefecture.
1981 Liquor tax law revised, and official approval received for powdered alcohol, Satos first alcohol product. Received the first license for production of powdered alcohol.
1982 No.5 spray drier installed.
1983 Alcock Light Cocktail powdered alcohol received a Nikkei Best Products Award.
Received a Technology Award from the Brewing Society of Japan for research into making alcoholic drink powders.
1986 Tea extraction factory completed.
Full-scale production and sales of tea extract launched.
1988 No.6 and 7 spray driers installed.
1989 Tea extraction technology patented in eight leading nations.
1990 New Head Office constructed.
1991 Public stock offering.
1994 Tea extract received Chubu New Business Grand Prize.
Natural flavorings extraction factory completed.
2000 Komaki factory, a factory exclusively for making tea extract (HACCP-compliant), started full-scale operation.
2002 ISO 9001:2000 certification obtained.
2003 hares offered on JASDAQ trading exchange.
2006 Kasugai factory started full-scale operation.
2008 ISO14001:2004 certification obtained.
2011 The second ridge started full-scale operation at Kasugai factory.
2012 FSSC22000:2010 certification obtained.
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