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Research & Development
Research & Development
Challenging uncharted territory.Our corporate culture.
Developing new foods to make people happy.
Using our technological prowess to develop products never seen before. This has been the policy of Sato Food Industries ever since the company's foundation.
In our R&D Division, we strive to discern contemporary needs, and engage in research and development of new products that will expand the world of food.
Our motto is "Making instant better than regular," and we are working on creating
powdered versions of a wide variety of natural flavorings that will match consumers' desire
for health and authenticity.
Safety is our watchword : Stringent quality control in all processes.
As we manufacture foods, it is extremely important to us to ensure that products not only taste good but are also safer than ever.
Ingredients are both checked for taste and tested for bacteria, and a stringent quality control system is in place to check during every process.
Production facilities are also constructed to integrate quality control with production operations, and we carry out quality checks for every eventuality during each and every process.
We have also developed our own production facilities to help to create our unique products.
Our unique product lineup is the result of the facilities and equipment designed in-house by our Equipment Development Section. We have developed all our major production facilities ourselves, including an extraction device that preserves the aroma of a tea plantation, concentration equipment using reverse osmosis membranes and other techniques, and spray driers that are operated
at low temperatures. Such proprietary equipment and technologies are what enable Sato to offer its unique, high-quality products.
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