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Message from the company
Since its foundation, Sato's objective has been to create powdered extracts of a variety of foods with no loss to their natural flavor, savor, and color, and has engaged in the development of a range of different and unique products, production technology, and equipment technology.
As a result, Sato was not only the world's first company to commercialize powdered alcohol,
but has also created products such as extracts of katsuo (dried bonito), konbu (dried kelp),
shiitake (Japanese mushroom), and other savory natural flavorings as well as fragrant powdered tea extract, all of which depend on the company's unique know-how.
Sato will further develop this knowledge base in future, engaging in active business development to expand new territories in the natural food processing field.
The company's objective is to benef it humanity, with its goal being to be the global No.1 manufacturer in this field.
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