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Clean, high-quality, and original are our keywords for our cutting-edge integrated production system.
Full-scale production launched at Komaki and Kasugai factories (HACCP-compliant).
Sato's Komaki and Kasugai factories (HACCP-compliant) have launched full-scale
production, to respond to increased demand for products and to meet safety requirements.
These are Sato Foods Industries most up-to-date production sites, and they sum up the knowledge and technology assembled by the company through the years. High-quality products are manufactured for a variety of fields based on our stringent quality control standards.
Air purification system for incoming air adds yet another level of safety.
Sato's Komaki and Kasugai factories have a windowless construction to shut out potential contamination by insect pests or foreign matter, and the air inside the factories is also completely controlled by an air purification system.
To prevent cross-contamination, everything inside the factory is transported-employing a one-way system, and the entrances, exits, and waste exits are completely separate.
In addition, each floor is color-coded into zones, with different shoes and working clothes used within each zone to ensure thorough hygiene management.
All processes are fully automated and energy-efficient as a result of our own in-house ideas.
To manufacture high-quality products, Sato has developed its own small-volume continuous batch extraction system as well as a program for optimal management of production processes. Locating the control room and machine room in the center of the factory also contributes to improved efficiency and reduced energy use. Tealeaves which produced during process can be recycled as fertilizer.
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