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Plant extracts
Producing extracts from entire unpeeled fruits and vegetables allows us to retain nutritious components that are difficult to retain using the traditional extraction method, and we have minimized flavor deterioration of coffee and Japanese cherry leaves through use of our original extraction, concentration, and drying technologies. Thus, we are able to seal rich flavors and distinctive tastes into powders using processes that are optimized to the characteristics of the materials. These products are fresh, natural, and highly favored and do not contain additives, such as fragrant materials or artificial colors; they are products that can satisfy the needs of consumers who are highly conscious about safety and natural products.
We capture the innate colors and natural flavors of the fruits and vegetables when producing fruit juice and vegetable powders. For whole powders, the nutritious components, dietary fiber, insoluble solid contents, and fragrance components of the raw materials are converted into powder by crushing and spray drying the whole fruit.
Easy to handle :
  They are easy to handle compared with pastes and liquids.
Easy to add to foods :
  They are easy to add to foods because they are powders.
Preservation stability :
  Because they are powders, they have superior preservation stability and can be stored at room temperature.
Reduction of the harmful effects of microorganisms :
  Extraction enables reduction of the number of bacteria.These extracted products enable application of plants that are subject to strict bacterial level control, such as vegetables and those used as seasonings, to a wide range of purposes.
Uses for plant extracts
Fruit juice powders:
Confectionery flavor and premix for such things as candies, chocolate, and ice cream
Vegetable powders:
Premix, toppings used for seasoning, seasoning of dough, flavor of seasonings, masking effect for the smell of fish and meat
Coffee extracts:
For drinks dispensed from tea machines and cup vending machines and flavoring of such things as chewing gum, candies, and ice cream
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