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Powdered tea extracts
These products are widely used in such things as tea machines, cup vending machines, and commercially available instant teas. In addition to drinks, these products are also added as flavorings to various foods, such as chewing gum, candies, and ice cream.
Easy to use :
  You can enjoy it immediately after adding hot water to it.
Making cold tea is also easy because it dissolves well in cold water.
Compact :
  The fact that it is a powder means that it is easier to carry compared with cans and plastic bottles.
Since it does not take up much space, it is easy to enjoy during trips and other activities-just prepare with water or hot water.
No need for clean up:
  Clean up is easy because there are no tea grounds.
Its use does not produce any raw waste, and so it is sanitary and eco-friendly.
Easy to use to foods :
  The fact that it is a powder means that it is easy to add to foods that were previously difficult to add tea to using liquid tea or tea leaves.
Uses for powdered tea extracts
Instant teas, tea machines and cup vending machines, health foods, cakes, all types of general food processing.
Tea extract production process
Blending materials
The tea leaf raw materials are poured into a storage tank after checking that they do not contain foreign matter using such things as an air shower and a powerful magnet. The temperature of storage is regulated, and heat-sensitive tea leaf raw materials are stored in refrigerated storage at 5C or less.
The extraction facility was designed by our company to facilitate ideal extraction of the tea components. A computerized system sets the optimal extraction conditions in accordance with such things as the origin of the tea leaves and season in order to produce high quality extracts.
Separation from tea ground
Even the smallest piece of tea ground is removed from the extract (tea water); this results in clear tea water. The removed tea grounds are collected into a special tank and recycled as fertilizer.
Extracts are concentrated in order to efficiently convert them into powders. A special method, called membrane concentration, is used to concentrate extracts.
* What is membrane concentration?
Membrane concentration is a method that removes moisture by utilizing an RO membrane, which allows only liquid to pass through, and by application of pressure. Deterioration of flavor is minimized because this process does not use heat.
Sterilization and drying
After sterilization using a plate heater, the extracts are converted into powder using the spray dry method, which instantaneously dries the extracts by spraying them into heated air. Spray drying is our core technology, and all the facilities within our plant were developed by us, from design to construction. The spray dryer is a huge facility 34 m high and has an area of 470 m2, including building components. Products converted into powder using the spray dryer are automatically packed into bags and carried onto the next process (mixing and wrapping) by a robot and an unmanned carrier device.
Mixing and wrapping
Products converted into powders are mixed to homogenize them and are automatically wrapped and sealed after passing through screening and magnetic devices to ensure that they do not contain foreign matter. The wrapped products are then carried into automatic storage after passing through another check for foreign matter. Operation of machinery, inventory management, and management of such things as loading and unloading in the automated storage warehouse are all conducted by computers.
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