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Naturally derived flavorings
Naturally derived flavorings
These are extracts of the flavor components of natural materials; there are two types of product, powders and liquids. They are widely used in such things as processed and retort pouch foods, and they receive high praise, especially for their flavor as the ingredients of Japanese-style dishes, which have a delicate taste. Use of technology that enables conversion of alcohol into powder and our original extraction, concentration, and drying technologies allows us to seal fragrant components, which evaporate easily, into our products.
Katsuobushi (dried bonito)
We successfully recreated the flavor of freshly made soup stock. Its rich flavor, produced by our original extraction and concentration methods, is its main feature, it goes well with soy sauce, and it has a long lasting flavor. It is clear when dissolved and easy to process and add to foods, allowing it to be used for a wide range of purposes. Our product lines include products for which taste and fragrance were especially pursued, such as those products containing only domestically sourced materials, products for which origin can be indicated, and blended products such as with dried mackerel and dried Japanese horse mackerel.
Konbu (dried kelp)
This product has a strong natural flavor that is distinctive to Konbu and contains only materials from Hokkaido. It contains a harmonious blend of soy sauce and vinegar and provides a mild finish. Our product lines contain products optimized for different purposes, such as natural soup stock products that take advantage of the flavors of their ingredients and rich taste products that contain additives.
Shiitake (Japanese mushrooms)
This product has a fragrance that is distinctive to dried shiitake, and it contains an abundant amount of flavor components, such as guanylic acid. It goes very well with the glutamic acid contained in such products as Konbu, and the soup stock triangle, shiitake combined with Katsuobushi (dried bonito), is used in many products. Our product lines contain products optimized for different purposes, such as fragrance-rich and rich taste products.
Fermented seasonings
We converted these fermented seasonings into powders without affecting the fragrance or taste achieved from brewing, which are distinctive characteristics of fermented seasonings; these products include powdered white soy sauce (since our foundation), powdered ketchup, and a well-known powdered sauce for Yakisoba. Application of the technology for conversion of alcohol into powder enabled conversion of fermented vinegar into powder.
Uses for naturally derived flavorings
Noodle broths, sauces, soups, dressings, Chinese noodles, snacks, oden (Japanese hotchpotch), pickles, prepared dishes, etc.
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